The PROMCHIMPERM, aimed at developing new technologies and producing chemicals, has been working since 1991.

Our production is used in the different industries including pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, textile, fur and leather industry, tanning, chemical, engineering, glass industry, in pulp and paper making industry and others.

Today we can produce chemicals and increase volume of production according to your order. 

Thanks for your interests to our company.

We are glad to establish long-term business relations with you.


We regularly delivery our chemicals to the enterprises of Russia, as well as to the countries of CIS, Europe and Asia.

Among our patrons in Russia are such companies, as the Russian agency of ammunition, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Sergo Factory", Zelenodolsk, "Birusa Factory" jsc., Krasnoyarsk, “Kamkabel” jsc., Perm, glass factories of Russia, biofactories of Russia, and also the largest chemical reactives storehoases in Russian Federation.


We cooperate with the manufacturers of various regions of Russia. Our suppliers are such known enterprises, as "Avisma" jsc., "Solikamsk magnesium factory" jsc., "Silvinit" jsc., "Russian phosphorus" ltd., "Khimservice" ltd. and others. We have good relations with our suppliers which has been checked up by years of successful joint work.


The main aim of the PROMCHIMPERM is to provide our clients with wide range of chemical products.  We do our best efforts for  to ensure good quality and necessary volume of required goods and in-time deliveries.

We constantly conduct scientific research developing new advanced materials and technologies.

The new and perspective activity of PROMCHIMPERM is the scientific development in the field of
high pure and nano-dispersed materials used in ceramics, electronics, fiber optics and others.

The  PROMCHIMPERM  has beed providing of successful operating
on the chemical market for 15 years, it is the well-organized team
of the professionals with attention to each client.