Research and developments

The main competitive advantage of Promchimperm is constant work in development technologies getting new chemical materials being in great demand in the market.

There are Doctors and Candidates of Science, candidates and research assistants having long-term work experience carrying out research efforts in Promchim Group. They published more than 200 articles, got more than 100 certificates of authorship USSR and patents of Russian Federation. About 50 developments were applied in industry at the enterprises of Perm region.

Collaboration with Perm State University, Perm State technical University and Boreskov Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science helps us in decision of high pure and nano-dispersed materials.

October, 2006-April, 2007
Working through technology getting high pure and nano-dispersed tantalum oxide is being conducted. Particle size of this powder is 50 nm (measured of electronic micriscope).

High pure and nano-dispersed tantalum oxide is the main component for producing of new kind microwave elements (dielectric resonators, selection devices and others). These elements are used for making on-board and ground-based apparatus complex of data communications.

In 2006 enterprise producing ceramic materials confirmed chemical purity and dispersivity of our tantalum oxide received good results of testing our material.

Our tantalum oxide provides manufacturability of getting of sintered ceramics, demonstrates high level characteristics of sintered ceramics and is perspective for essay in repetition work environment.

July, 2006 – April, 2007
Promchimperm researches and develops getting new oxide materials in laboratory terms including high pure and nano-dispersed zirconium oxide, tin oxide, niobium oxide, magnesium oxide.

Developments of 2006
In 2006 we organized manufacturing of pure gases (purity is more than 99.9%) including isobutane r600a.

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